Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Personal essentials

It came to my attention one morning whilst camping with friends, that every seasoned adventurer to has their own mug.
It’s almost expected from you, to emerge from your van or tent in the morning clutching your faithful companion filled with the steaming morning beverage of choice. Your mug goes on every adventure with you, and the more weathered and beaten the mug the more esteemed adventurer you are.

These are our mugs, and as the newest additions to the van, they are still pretty pristine and somewhat lacking in character. But they are now part of the essential kit that never leaves the van (alongside the thermal gloves and the Haynes manual). And with a long summer ahead of us, they can only get more beautiful.

The muffins mug after on use
Mugs are a very personal thing. The mug you own says something about you. Weather it’s your favourite colour, a testament to a hobby your into, or how creative the family were with the Christmas presents this year. Ours I think follow in the same vein as wrist bands with your blood type on them and simply state what to be filled with if found empty or in need, which I think says a lot about how we feel about our morning drinks!!!

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